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Why bother with anti-corruption and integrity compliance?

Protect, comply… and thrive

“With our increasing use of Big Data and in the digitally connected world, it is less ‘if you will be caught’ but increasingly ‘when we choose to catch you’.”
US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Why bother with anti-corruption and integrity compliance? Quite simply because regulators and law enforcers are getting tougher on corporate wrongdoing.

Whatever the size of your organisation, it’s vital you understand the corruption and bribery risks across your value chain and implement policies and procedures to mitigate those risks and ensure compliance with legislation. Not only does this protect you from enforcement action and catastrophic damage to your brand, it can reduce your cost base (the World Economic Forum estimates that corruption adds 10% to business costs globally) and help position you to make the most of economic opportunities worldwide.


Benefits of effective anti-corruption and integrity compliance


Avoid damage to your corporate reputation and become known for integrity amongst your employees and other stakeholders

Competitive edge

Equip your organisation to win new contracts and orders as more and more customers seek assurance of prospective suppliers’ ethical credentials


Identify where you need to train and educate senior management and frontline staff to ensure sustained high standards of integrity

Peace of mind

Protect yourself and other company officers from the risk of enforcement action, which can result in imprisonment and ruin personal reputations


Demonstrate your compliance with relevant legislation, especially if you are a firm regulated by the financial authorities e.g. the UK’s FCA

Cost reduction

Cut costs from shrinkage and loss and (possibly) reduce premiums for directors’ and officers’ liability and legal costs cover

Financial security

Avoid the punitive individual and corporate fines increasingly levied by courts and regulators for corruption offences


Compel sales people to develop new and ethical ways to win business and secure orders

Employee engagement

Enhance employee perceptions of your organisation and gain their commitment to executing the strategy – in the right way

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