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Interchange Solutions is proud to be a member of the British Exporters Association (BExA), an independent trade association representing the interesting of the export community.

We were recently asked to contribute to a piece for BExA’s members on the rise of criminality surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic.

It takes less time than a Wuhan handshake for criminals to exploit the vulnerabilities caused by insecurity in business and different working practices. Our piece for BExA urges the export community to risk assess, look ahead and plan accordingly when working with overseas markets.

A Rise in Opportunistic Criminality

Everyone’s distracted and working differently. There is a desperate need for certain supplies. Within this environment, fraudsters are counterfeiting goods such as Covid-19 test kits, masks, equipment  etc.

Bribery in the Face of Adversity

With reduced management scrutiny and working from home, the risks of bribery to obtain business are clear at this difficult time.

To find out more, do read the full article on BExA’s website here.

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