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National railway company stays on track

Anti-bribery and procurement assessment, advice and support for Kazakhstan National Railways

Kazakhstan National Railways (KTZ) was seeking a $100m loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to buy new rolling stock. The EBRD wanted assurance that the state-owned company’s governance was robust, particularly in its procurement activities.

Following a competitive international tender, EBRD and KTZ commissioned Interchange to assess KTZ’s governance in the context of national law and regulation and make and implement recommendations to improve procurement controls and governance.

We formed an international, multicultural team of experts to deliver the project. Key strands of the work were to:

  • understand the practical, operational and cultural issues
  • secure the trust and support of the board and senior management
  • review all governance policies in the context of relevant laws and legislation
  • make recommendations for improvement
  • implement all the recommendations, including strengthening anti-bribery and procurement policies and procedures and delivering training to staff (both face-to-face and e-learning).

Following the work we did, the EBRD approved the $100m loan. Six months on, the EBRD audited KTZ’s anti-bribery and corruption programme and concluded it was operating effectively.

KTZ is the largest employer in Kazakhstan with around 146,000 employees. It controls around 9,300 miles of track and manages over 80,000 wagons.


Posted on

29th April 2020