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Stronger anti-bribery controls help UK business tap new markets

Sigma Pharmaceuticals was looking to grow its export business but was wary of the risks of corruption in some of the markets it was targeting. This was at a time when there was heightened concern about corruption in the pharmaceutical sector following allegations of bribery against GSK.

Interchange helped the privately owned pharmaceutical wholesaler and distributor upgrade its anti-bribery approach. We worked closely with the Sigma board to co-create new policies and procedures in line with the UK Ministry of Justice Guidance on the Bribery Act. We also devised and delivered comprehensive anti-bribery training for Sigma’s top management and ‘at risk’ staff.

As a result of the work we did, Sigma has a more structured approach to its exporting business, especially in how it identifies, checks and appoints overseas business partners. It continues to expand and now services more than 3,000 pharmacies, 1,000 hospitals and 600 dispensing doctors in the UK and beyond and has received an impressive array of individual and company awards.


Posted on

29th April 2020