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Our Services

Protect your organisation against bribery and corruption risks and gain competitive advantage through compliance

Our compliance services can protect your organisation by creating a robust system that identifies potential risks.

  • Want to enter new markets but wary of bribery, corruption and other ethical risks?
  • Unsure whether you’re complying with the Bribery Act, the Modern Slavery Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?
  • Need to know more about the activities of current or prospective suppliers and customers?
  • Doubts about the strength of your anti-bribery and corruption policy and procedures?
  • Think you should implement a certifiable anti-bribery management system?


Our services

Protect your organisation with our compliance services and avoid risk before it damages your business.

Risk audit

Full assessment of your corruption risks and compliance gaps – including auditing against ISO37001

Integrity due diligence

Risk assessment of prospective partners, suppliers and individuals – including for mergers and acquisitions


Anti-bribery and corruption training and education for execs and at-risk employees

Cyber security

Corruption is increasingly propagated in cyber space

Management systems

Anti-bribery management system implementation – and preparation for certification to ISO37001

Integrity monitoring

Regular checks on your anti-corruption programme and advice on best practice – including after breach or enforcement action