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Management systems

Specialising in helping you implement an anti-bribery management system that drives positive culture changes and good ethical practices

An effective anti-bribery management system underpins ethical business practices, builds stakeholder trust and creates competitive advantage.

Recognised management systems standard

We can help you implement a management system based on the internationally recognised ISO37001:2016 Anti-bribery Management System. This will give you a practical framework of processes and procedures across your business and value chain to identify, manage and mitigate critical corruption and bribery risks and continuously improve ethical performance.

“An organisation that can prove it has adequate procedures in place to prevent persons associated with it from bribing, will have a defence to the Bribery Act Section 7 (Corporate) offence.” UK Ministry of Justice.

Whatever the scope of your operations – small or large, single country or multinational – we can help you implement ISO37001:2016. This will ensure that principles and policies are put into practice and fully embedded across all of your operations.

The value of certification

Your business can then be independently certified to ISO37001:2016. This will provide evidence to your board, leadership team, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders that you have adequate procedures in place to prevent bribery.

Certification can help you win customer trust, demonstrate strong ethical values and meet the requirements of tenders while confidently seeking and securing new business opportunities. Indeed, procurement agencies, banks, primes and export insurers increasingly require or prefer organisations that can provide the substantive evidence of robust anti-bribery systems that certification offers.

We can help you prepare for certification by reviewing your management system and recommending improvements.

Policies and procedures

Properly embedded, strong, up-to-date policies and procedures are at the heart of an effective management system. We can help you develop and document policies and procedures that comply with relevant legislation.

How Interchange can help you with policies and procedures

Why do we need an anti-bribery management system?

  • Ensures legal and regulatory compliance in many jurisdictions
  • Underpins and enhances reputation
  • Delivers more sales wins through competitive differentiation
  • Builds confidence among management, suppliers and other partners
  • Improves decision making on deals and other opportunities

Towards ISO37001

ISO37001:2016 is the international anti-bribery management system standard, based closely on BS10500. Interchange has been involved in helping draft this new standard. We can help you implement ISO37001 – including migrating from a BS10500-compliant system if you already have that in place.

The value of a certified anti-bribery management system

Case studies

How Interchange is helping leading organisations turn risk into business value

Know your stuff

Upgrade your knowledge about bribery and corruption risks and how to manage them

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